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Shopping from your lazy couch is possible in “real life”! We will bring you our boys only collection into your living-room! Gather with a group of friends and we will inform you about all the inn’s and out’s, colors and everything else you definitively need to know about our elegant and nice collection for boys up to 12y of age. Looking for a party? Super, we too!

A Matisse and Henri home party organizing is very easy. Contact us via or even call us on 0473/480.486 after we will look for a suitable date. I will then send you some brochures of our products so that you can enthusiast your friends for the party! Well in time for the party, I or one of our salesreps will be at your place to prepare.

You need at least 5 persons who have boys between the age of 6 months and 12y. We love a personal approach so with 5 to 8 persons we can guarantee that. When there are more people it will be less personal and then we cannot be sure that everyone has had enough time for consultations.

Because we admire the fact that you are opening your home for us, we would like to thank you. As a host you will receive a present based on the turnover done that party:
  • revenue 300€: value 15€
  • revenue 600€: value 30€
  • revenue 900€: value 45€
  • revenue 1200€: value 60€
  • revenue 1500€: value 75€

Love a party! Contact us to arrange your home sales party!

Would you like to shop more quietly and still anxious to see our collection in reallife? Contact us for a private session or visit us in our office in Gooik. Push here for more info.

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